Pauselli Guardrail Machines

Pauselli Guard Railing Machine


Pauselli SRL is a modern, dynamic company producing a complete range of pile-driving machines for the installation of highway guard-rails and a great variety of accessories required for guard-rail installation.


The Pauselli Company SRL has been creating precision metal components using computer-controlled machinery since 1986 in Citta di castello, Italy.


The strong points of Pauselli are:


The quality of our materials and the efficiency of our production


Our self-propelled crawler pile driver, our other machines and all pile driving accessories built at the Pauselli Company are constructed of the highest-quality materials and are constructed in a way that guarantees the machine will work to optimum standards of reliability. All components of our machines are assembled in our shop by skilled Pauselli workers.







Following the purchase of Pauselli machine we will, at your request, provide an excellent training course on the functioning of our machine.



The Pauselli Company is distinguished by the quality and effecetiveness of its after-purchase service which guarantees our help through every kind of problem.

The personalising of our machines


Each machine is constructed to satisfy the specific requirements of the customer in a way that finds a solution to every type of problem.


This means, if you have a particularly unusual or specific work to do, Pauselli SRL can invent the machine you need to do your work.

The course can be taught in Italy, or in your home country with the objective of answering every doubt and question of your workers.




Pauselli SRL constantly researches, invents and experiments with new machines and tools to make the machines we build even better.

Pauselli with rock drill.

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