Guardrail Installations Australia Rentals:

The BarrierGuard 800:


The BarrierGuard 800 is a state-of-the-art prefabricated steel barrier which works in two ways: by absorbing the impact of a crash, and by containing the vehicle - offering the driver a vastly increased chance of recovering control of the wheel.

The BarrierGuard 800 is the only temporary steel barrier in the world to meet the requirements of the standard NCHRP 350 (Test Level 4) and EN 1317-2 (Containment Levels N2 and H2). The BG 800 provides levels of safety that have not previously been considered either practical or economically viable. While it can be used for permanent locations, it is particularly useful as a temporary barrier at road works.


Arrow Boards:


The ST-4815 are solar powered trailer mounted arrow boards consisting of a 15 LED lamp board with solar panels and a battery bank, all mounted on a heavy-duty towable trailer.

Concrete Barriers:


Unlike cones or barricades, T-Lok Barriers provide positive protection for roadside workers. Impacting vehicles are redirected at a shallow angle in the vicinity of the impact area, thereby reducing the potential for dangerous secondary impacts.

T-Lock Barriers absorb impact energy and cushions vehicular impacts while significantly reducing the risk to occupants of he impacting vehicle.


Portable Traffic Signals:


Eagle Eye Remote Vision & Data:


Guardrail Installations supply Eagle Eye, the most advanced technology available in Australia today for the delivery of fixed or temporary remote vision solutions.


We run all the hardware and software at our end. Which means all you need is a computer with a web brower, making the whole operation simple to access. The web application provides archived vision and data, plus all device settings.

The application is linked to a storage area network so that data and images are delivered through a secure IP Wireless Area Network, which you can access across a corporate VPN or on the internet (behind appropriate firewall security).

Mounted on a trailer with all components locked well up above the ground when operating, the portable camera unit can be supplied with a weather sensor suite if needed and provides operators with a real-time update of what is happening at the remote location.

The unit comes complete with a full solar power unit and is fully self contained. This unit can be placed in those difficult locations for an extended period or, alternatively, moved from site to site as conditions and other factors change.

If you have machinery and other assets located in roadside compounds, a mobile camera unit will offer crucial monitoring of equipment.

The addition of a motion sensor on the unit provides operators with a real-time alarm to deter the theft of fuel from standing machinery and fuel trailers along with providing a method of curbing vandalism.

Variable Message Sign:

The PCMS 320 is a solar powered trailer mounted message board capable of full matrix or three lines of text display.


It has remote or on-site programming capability, with solar panel and a battery bank - all mounted on a heavy-duty towable trailer.

Message Sign Software:

  • Custom designed software

  • 200 user-programmable messages

  • 180 pre-programmed messages

  • Able to create pictograms

  • 50 user-programmable pictograms

  • 22 pre-progra~ed pictograms

  • Software allows operator to create, edit and save up to 99 pages


Traffic Control Barriers:

Triton Barriers:


The Triton Barrier is a life-saving road safety product that provides energy-absorbing protection for pedestrians, road workers and motorists.


Constructed of highly-durable polyethylene, the portable barrier sections are filled on site with water to absorb collision energy - redirecting vehicles away from work crews and minimising damage to cards and their occupants. The Triton comes in three specifications for 50, 70 and 100km/h road zones.

All three products have been successfully crash tested under AS/NZS3845-1999.


The TL-0 is extremely lighweight and portable and is ideal as a temporary barrier on roadway construction zones. It not only forms an approved longitudinal barrier for speed zones of up to 50km/h, but is certified as its own end treatment.


Triton TL-0 sections are manufactured in highly-visible red and yellow tones. The product's recyclable shell resists cracking, breakage and corrosion under harsh environment conditions.


The TL-0 sections are easily joined by a steel pin and a steel cable.


The steel cable, placed along a recess in the top of the section of the TL-0 connects the system and resists the tensile forces generated during high severity impacts. The Triton TL-2 is easy to install, utilising a series of 2-metre modular segments interlocked by a steel cable and pin.


It is so easy to install that a three-person crew can deploy over 183m in just one hour.


The Triton's modular design allows for use in varied lengths for both straight and curved applications. The Triton is also ideal for events such as cycle road races, triathlons and other sporting activities.


SpeedCheck Speed Advisory Signs:


  • Records and flashes the speed a driver is travelling at, then switches to 'slow down' if the driver has exceeded the speed limit

  • Programmable smart technology recognises varying time zone speeds, including school holidays

  • Cost-effective method of helping ensure worker safety on sites where there are high-risk vehicle movements

  • Solar powered or mains; superior visibility; capability to log traffic data for research purposes


Other design features:

  • Data Logger - TrafficAnalyzer™ collects data on individual vehicles by date, time and speed of the vehicle. It generates pre-defined reports and provides access to the raw data

  • QuickChange™ brackets enable signs to be moved easily between several locations

  • Portable displays - boot-mounted and pole-mounted - are available for on-the-spot responses to school zone speeding problems, neighbourhood complaints, pedestrian safety needs, construction zones and special events

  • Ideal for carparks, warehouses, shopping centres and industrial sites