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Solar Farms

Guardrail Installations Australia has now entered the field of solar farm installation.


Piles can be either screw type or the standard driven piles.


The foundation screw is a foundation system enabling the user to attach all types of fixed structures to the ground and that will suit all types of terrain without the need to use concrete, allowing structures to be easily installed.

Our Pauselli machinery:


These machines are essentially a hydraulic hammer, (with an auger drive and rock drill) that can hammer or screw a post into the ground, effectively and efficiently.


Positioning guided by Laser & GPS:


The installation is done automatically using the layout given by the screw installation machine software.


This layout is done using the geolocation of this and thanks to a GPS system and next-generation software that is capable of redefining the x, y coordinates with pinpoint accuracy.


(No other contractor has this GPS system in Australia)

The foundation screws are made of hot galvanised steel in accordance with ISO 1461, which gives the screw maximum durability.



  • Compatibility with all types of terrain

  • Concrete-free foundations

  • Minimum ground preparation work

  • Compatibility with all structure types

  • Easily removed and recycled

  • The strongest ont he market for both cohesive and granulated soils

  • Maximum durability against corrosion

  • Reduced installation costs

  • 25 years anti-corrosion for soils with pH values above 6 and ohmic resistance higher than 1800 ohm-cm. As long as the ground has not been altered with regards to the initial geotechnical conditions

Australia-wide service:


We travel Australia-wide, have an international consultant and offer a full complete service on job sites.

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